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Closeup of a Black Dog

Interested in becoming a foster?

More homes mean more lives saved!

WAG provides all the support you need. All you need to provide is a loving home and food... we will provide the rest.

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Foster Form


* 21 years or older

* Current animals spayed and/or neutered (if applicable)

* Current animals up-to-date on vaccinations and heartworm prevention (if applicable)

Foster care is temporary care provided by responsible, compassionate, and caring adults for dogs until they can be adopted to good homes or placed with our rescue partners. Providing a good home environment with proper socialization, exercise, and loving care gives our foster animals a better chance of being placed more quickly.

We do not operate a shelter and rely on our foster homes for the success of our adoption program. Being able to place dogs in foster homes allows us to increase the number of dogs we can rescue.

WAG will provide crates, bedding, toys, and other items needed for the dog while it is in your care. WAG will provide necessary veterinary care for the dogs and provide continued support and guidance to the foster family.
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