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Our Story

Wiregrass Animal Group was founded in 2019 by Stefanie Berry, Jackie Hefler, and Susanne Carter. After working with various rescues and shelters, Stefanie and Jackie had a vision... A vision of a foster-based rescue that could become a sustainable organization with a long term impact on the local community. Through hard work they brought this vision to life. Using their combined experience, they created an organization to help their local dog population and rescue as many of them as possible in a responsible manner. Since then, it has grown to a community of 25 foster homes and relationships with several local shelters to save over 1200 dogs. Utilizing fundraising, community donations, and transport partners, this number will continue to grow!


About WAG

Help Them WAG Again!

As a foster based dog rescue, we strive to find people who care about the homeless dog population in our area and are willing to help us take care of and acclimatize dogs in a new home environment.

This rescue method makes for a smoother transition for both the dog and the new owner when the adoption is finalized.

Sadly, with the abundance of homeless dogs in our area, we never have to look too far for foster dogs to bring into our program. We intake dogs through local pounds, veterinary offices, and owners who need to surrender their dogs.

We are always looking for and building relationships with other rescues so that we all can make an impact on the joint mission. A strong network of like-minded organizations can make a positive impact.

Fundraising is a crucial aspect for us because we believe in having dogs spayed/neutered to help prevent overpopulation. Also, making sure all of our dogs receive any medical services they may require to become/remain healthy. A huge part of health, in our program, is making sure all of our dogs are on monthly prevention to ensure they will not suffer from parasites, including but not limited to heartworms.

Meet The Team


Stefanie Berry

Founder & President


Denise McKoy

Vice President & Adoptions


Heidi Duke



Jackie Hefler

Founder & Treasurer


Jessica Cafini


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