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Hound/Lab Mix

Love Is Ageless: Adopt a Senior Dog

Sweet man Rufus is here, ready to settle into his forever home. The 7 years he lived on this earth have not been easy and majority of that time was chained to a broke down car. Sad right? His owner died, the family he thought he had was gone. Him and other dogs sat there, chained. Someone came by every few days feeding the bare minimum. He was not wanted.

Thankfully all that changed and Rufus can finally enjoy the good life. We believe him to be a Hound/Lab mix. He weighs in right around 56 lbs.

Rufus is a gem, a rare one. He didnt let his past define him. He was determined to understand the rules and expectations of this new life and boy is he smart. He does well in a crate and as long as he is taken out regularly does not mess in the house. He is in the process of learning a dog door.

Other dogs and kids are no problem at all, he is a laid back, gentle soul that enjoys sunbathing or a good treat. Even though we believe with time he could be fine with cats, it may be best if there are no felines in his forever home.

Would you like a very sweet, laid back companion that just quietly likes to be with you and be by your side? Rufus is your guy!!!

We prefer a fenced yard for safe sunbathing and leisure strolls.

Let’s show Rufus what life is really about!!!








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Dogs, children

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