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Poodle Mix

No I’m Not Clingy, OKAY Well Maybe A Little

Sammy is a 6-8 year old Poodle mix weighing in at 12 lbs.

This little sweetheart has not had the best in life, but that is all changing. Sammy will have all the love and attention he deserves from here on out. Sammy can be quite clingy to his person as he bonds very strongly and loves with all his little heart. This boy wants only to be the center of attention, cuddles and kisses are a must. Looking as cute as can be with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, there is absolutely no way Sammy will not be the center of his person’s world. It will be hard to say no to a face like that.

Sammy is working to master his doggy manners. He is leash and potty trained, however he is not a fan of crate. He will whine and howl in the crate if his people are around, he will be quiet and sleep through the night in his crate. Good with other dogs of his same size, but he is an attention hog so Sammy will get jealous if he is left out of the cuddle pile. Sammy does respond to correction and is easily redirected. Someone home majority of the time is required as Sammy thrives on human affection and interaction. Sammy will also require routine grooming.

Sweet and a true lap dog through and through, Sammy promises to love you forever and to never let your lap get cold. Sure, Sammy is a little clingy and demands attention but that shouldn’t be to much to ask for. Will you let this boy be the center of your world?

All of our animals are fully vetted which includes spay/neuter, up to date on vaccines, wormed, heartworm tested and treated if necessary, up to date on flea/tick/heartworm prevention and microchipped) prior to adoption.








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