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Fox Terrier Mix

I Love You! I Love You! I LOVE YOOOOOOU!

Faye is a 5 month old Foxterrier mix weighing in at 13 lbs. This girl is very tiny and will not weigh more than 25-30lbs full grown.

This tiny little girl is just the sweetest girl around, Faye’s one and only goal in life is to love you! This little lady lives to love. A lover girl through and through Faye does not understand what’s not to love about anybody she meets. If you think you are unlovable Faye will prove you wrong, she will love you! Faye’s love language is ALL OF THEM! Not one person has met Faye and not loved her, I mean what’s not to love?

Faye is still a young pup and is currently working on perfecting her puppy manners. Leash trained and great with recall, potty training is coming along great but she still has the occasional accident. Great with cats, dogs, and kids. We have yet to find someone/something Faye doesn’t love. Another playful furry friend in Faye’s new home is ideal. A securely fenced in yard is required in Faye’s new home.

Playful and full of puppy energy Faye will have you falling in love with her. This sweetheart loves going on walks and runs but not more than she loves attention and love from her people. There is no other pup around with more love to give than Faye. Are you needing some extra lovin’? Faye is at your service.

All of our animals are fully vetted which includes spay/neuter, up to date on vaccines, wormed, heartworm tested and treated if necessary, up to date on flea/tick/heartworm prevention and microchipped) prior to adoption.








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Dogs, Cats, Children

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